# 69 MBC

mbc_OGThe most watched TV channel in Saudi Arabia … and trust me it’s not by choice.
At first, MBC started broadcasting with one channel only before it was called MBC 1, now MBC has more channels than you can imagine; they cover categories such as, channels for kids, movies, sports, western TV shows, Bollywood movies, a channel dedicated to the Egyptian fans; called MBC Egypt and the list keeps getting bigger and bigger … don’t be surprised when you see MBC for pets, MBC for fat “couch potato” people that shows only food commercials all day, and you never know maybe one day you will see MBC 18+ it will be called MBC XXL (for my Hotbird satellite fans).

# 63 Nasser Al-Qasabi

al-qasabi_996394_largeOne of the top comedian actors in Saudi Arabia … Actually let me rephrase that, Nasser Al-Qasabi is the ONLY comedian in Saudi Arabia. Nasser start getting public recognition, when he was first starring in the famous TV show “Tash ma Tash” that was airing almost 15 years ago. In his show “Tash ma Tash” Nasser played so many characters that Saudis can relate to, characters that Saudis experience in their day to day lives … but Nasser exaggerate adding some of his comedy with those roles. Regarding the show “Tash ma Tash”, now its been cancelled, however, Nasser has a new  tv show that airs in the month of Ramadan, this new show is the same concept as “Tash ma Tash” but with a different name, and still it gets high ratings. This shows you that no matter what Nasser Al-Qasabi does or be part of, Saudis will still watch it.
Even though Nasser upsets so many people when he makes fun of them in his tv shows, such as the religious folks, and sometimes gets death threats, he keeps getting better and better every year. And as they say … not sure who are they but … “fortune favors the bold”.

# 15 Watching Turkish TV series

turkish2Latin soap operas or I should say “Mexican” series were once one of the top shows in any Saudi household, until Turkish series were introduced to Saudis.  Watching Turkish series became one of the activities that some Saudis have to invest their time and include it in their schedule in order to watch it. The popularity of  those Turkish series can be explained in two reasons.  First, some of the stories can be interesting and entertaining, which makes you glued to the TV screen.  The other reason is, the actors who are playing those characters  can be interesting, wink..wink.
From Mohnad to Lamees to Noor and so on, they became conversational topics in homes, cafes, or any other place that people can discuss and talk about, and try to figure out what is going to happen in the next episode. It is diffcult to watch those type of shows not from the beginning and trying to figure out what’s going on in the middle of a storyline; therefore, you have to find one of the true fans that know every single charcter in the show by the name, and let him or her explain everything to you.  Look for that person who set his/her cell phone ring tone as the intro song of one those shows, and trust me that is the person who you need to ask.