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teaTea is the magical drink that can  solve day to day problems and melt stress away.  For years Saudis and tea have been sharing a long term relationship.  Sometimes it’s sweet, other times it’s not so sweet…just like any other relationship.

It used to be that you can pick from two kinds of tea, green or red.  Saudis can now enjoy their cup of tea in any color or form.  Nowadays, tea lovers are lucky with tremendous variety that they can choose from.  There is red to green to black, to some weird tea that some how turns into a flower when you put it inside the tea pot.

For Saudis who like to start their day with a smooth warm “homey” sensation, tea with milk is the perfect combination.  During the afternoon, Saudis make sure to schedule their tea time after lunch.  Quality time can’t be completed without the perfect cup of tea.  Red and green tea are normally the kind of teas Saudis like to serve in the afternoon in order to saitisfy newspaper readers & conversation starters and to satisfy laid back health conscience people.   Saudis who like to try new things and always claim that they get their tea straight from either Japan or China, usually prefer their cup of tea with some flower scent…and why not with actual flower in it?

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FILES-SAUDI-WOMEN-RIGHTSChilling in cafes is one of Saudis specialties,  and what I mean with chilling is staying forever in those hot places almost every day and night. With a country that has no bars and pubs, cafes are popular destinations for Saudis who like to hang out with friends. Saudis talk about every single topic that you can think about in those cafes from sports to politics, to sex and cars, etc.

Cafes in Saudi lays under different categorizes. You have the up scale high class want to be, which you will find people who act sophisticated drinking their cappuccino and reading their daily news paper and mostly claiming that they know everything that it is going on in the stock market. Other cafe category will be, the ghetto type cafe, which you will find one cooling fan standing in the corner of the cafe trying to cool every one. In addition those ghetto cafes usually serve local tea and coffee brands, but you don’t want to know how long the tea or coffee been in the pot, maybe days or weeks, just drink and enjoy. Last category will be the hip cafes that young generation likes to attend. From watching soccer games to bragging who has the most girls’ numbers on their phone, this cafes are the most popular among Saudis.

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