# 34 Soccer

Soccer is the only sport in Saudi that people will play, watch, and enjoy. For some Saudis; soccer is not just a game, it’s a way of life. If you drive around the neighborhoods in Saudi, you will witness a bunch of kids kicking soccer balls back and forth all day long. Any empty space in Saudi will be converted to a soccer field, and if there are no empty spaces, kids will start playing soccer on the streets, but they will be stopping and resuming every minute a car passes by… so it will be like playing soccer with a little bit of musical chairs feeling to it . If you wounder what they can use as goals?  Put a pair of shoes in the beginning of the street and another in the end and -viola!  You have a 24 feet FIFA approved goals.
When it comes to supporting teams from the Saudi professional league, there are many hardcore fans who are obsessed with their home town team.  Usually they brainwash their kids to support the same team they are supporting… talk about freedom of choice!  These hardcore fans are really fun when watching a soccer game on TV, they will be standing the entire 90 minutes either shouting and yelling at the TV or singing and dancing if their team is winning. The worst thing that can happen to a hard core fan in his “life” is if his team lost; eyes start tearing, both hands on his head, and suffer from difficulty in speaking… poor guy!
For Saudis, the definition of rush hour is the moment when the Saudi national team wins an important game, then you will witness a normal traffic jam in a big city times ten. If you are stuck in traffic among the celebrations, I suggest to you to turn off your engine and camp inside your car, because the celebration will not end until the next day!

# 16 Working out

Fitness centers and public gyms have  become increasingly popular destinations among Saudis more than ever.  With the grand opening of the famous chain;  Gold’s Gym, working out is “so in” right now- it is the new black.
Saudis have been living the same lifestyle for years; especially generation “Y”,  from  playing  soccer to just driving around the city, it gets old after awhile.  Therefore, a lot of guys are starting to become addicted with this new working out movement, they just want something different.  The only issue that can face Saudi guys with working out is commitment, and you know how guys just want to get buff as soon as possible, and start benching 300 lb from the first day.
Two months will pass by and you check your self in front of the mirror and no progress, then your conscience will start telling you to forget about it.  Guys will take supplements, even if it’s bird’s milk…they will just drink anything  just to try to get bigger ASAP.  Many people who work out will tell you that they do it to be healthy and to be in good shape.  Well come on now….Saudis love attention and especially if it’s coming from the opposite sex.   Any method that can boost confidence more and more, is always welcome.  The workout journey comes to an end after joining a new club called marriage…then the fitness club membership will be gone with the wind.

# 4 Car Drifting

Some Saudis call car drifting a sport, but sports are athletic activities requiring skill or physical ability and are often of a competitive nature. To an outsider watching Saudis drift, they basically explain it as “Saudis gone wild”, and has nothing to do with the sport definition. Usually Saudis develop their drifting “skills” during their free time.   Instead of using their free time in a productive way, kids like to hit the streets and try to figure out how to find the best way to wreck their brand new cars. Give a Saudi kid a Toyota Camry and watch him write his name on the street with the vehicle’s tires. Engineers and automobile designers would be amazed to see the vehicles that they built can actually do all those crazy maneuvers!
Why pay money to watch a show, if you can go out into Saudi’s streets and watch kids perform some acrobatic moves with their cars with no seat belts on… just call it the Saudi circus!   It is the feeling of the adrenaline rush and the desire of social acceptance from their peers that make Saudi kids want to keep on drifting!

# 3 Chilling in Cafes

FILES-SAUDI-WOMEN-RIGHTSChilling in cafes is one of Saudis specialties,  and what I mean with chilling is staying forever in those hot places almost every day and night. With a country that has no bars and pubs, cafes are popular destinations for Saudis who like to hang out with friends. Saudis talk about every single topic that you can think about in those cafes from sports to politics, to sex and cars, etc.
Cafes in Saudi lays under different categorizes. You have the up scale high class want to be, which you will find people who act sophisticated drinking their cappuccino and reading their daily news paper and mostly claiming that they know everything that it is going on in the stock market. Other cafe category will be, the ghetto type cafe, which you will find one cooling fan standing in the corner of the cafe trying to cool every one. In addition those ghetto cafes usually serve local tea and coffee brands, but you don’t want to know how long the tea or coffee been in the pot, maybe days or weeks, just drink and enjoy. Last category will be the hip cafes that young generation likes to attend. From watching soccer games to bragging who has the most girls’ numbers on their phone, this cafes are the most popular among Saudis.