# 52 SnapChat

snapchatWhen it comes to the social media game, Saudis with no doubt are always on top of it. That is why when the world introduced SnapChat … it took Saudis minimal effort to figure it out (I think); poking it here and there … scratching their heads … then Eureka! then the rest is history. Let me break it down for you, SnapChat didn’t come with a user manual … so expect people to use or should I say abuse it the way they like. Is SnapChat meant to record every minute of your day? or share with the world your opinion on everything? or show  how your sense of humor is absolutely has nothing to do with comedy? or report high school gossip? or ask the world to admire your ass? no one knows but I still feel that Saudis figured it out.
Side note: Apparently, Twitter is not enough to express your self and convey your ideas. You need now to watch opinionated-people video taping themselves expressing themselves. For attention-whores SnapChat came to the rescue. I am not against SnapChat, but why do I feel this App gathered the stalkers and self-centered and put them all in one platform to deal with each other … genius!

# 39 Social Media

Social-Media-buttons1Before social media, Saudis were lost in this world; not knowing where to go and where to head. When I say social media I mean Facebook, Twitter,YouTube and Instagram ONLY. The scene of social media in Saudi looks like a bunch of people that were starving to death, and all of a sudden an All-You-Can-Eat buffet place opened in their town… and did I mentioned that this buffet is for free.
All kind of society member have an account in one of those social media websites, if not all of them. Even my grandmother who once asked me if the internet is a machine that you can buy from the store. Now she makes fun of me , because she has more followers on twitter than I do. Having more friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter became a bragging right statement to show off among your peers.
For people who don’t have an account on Facebook or Twitter, I really feel sorry for you guys. Because once the “up-to date” people know about it, they will make you feel like crap; as if you just committed a crime. You will hear them say: you don’t have Facebook?! oh poor guy, I think you have interpersonal issues that you are struggling with, you need to see a doctor…Let me search for a good doctor for you in my Facebook friends list.
Don’t worry YouTube I didn’t forget you. You need a whole new blog by yourself. =)