# 40 iPhone

iphone51For Saudis, iPhone its either you love it or hate every single feature that comes with it; haters can list all the issues that you can ever think about even if those issues exists in different smartphones, and start rubbing them on your face. In the other hand, Saudis who are Apple fanatic are different story… if Apple decide to release a new iPhone this month, Saudis will buy it right away, and if Apple said you know what: let us release another iPhone the month after with a camera in the front, guess what? Saudis will still buy the new one. Ok how about a new iPhone with two cameras in the back let us release it the same year… you got the picture 🙂
I don’t know if you want to consider iPhone with a Saudi as a smartphone, it is more of a camera/videogame  that has the ability to  make phone calls. With so many applications and games that comes within an iPhone, Saudis became glued to the screen as if the “phone” is telling them what to do… I guess it is a smartphone after all.