# 1 Ba’lot

cardsThe number one card game in Saudi Arabia. It has become such an integral part of the Saudi entertainment culture, that almost every 1 out of 3 people know how to play it or knows someone who knows how to play it. This game is so popular that the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education is thinking about teaching Ba’lot in schools! Saudis who do not know how to play Ba’lot will be looked at in disbelief…as if they are not really Saudis!

Ba’lot is a fun game with at least 4 people playing. This card game is well known for its highly competative aspect; sometimes players fight with each other for a small mistake occurred during the game caused by one of the players (you better know what are doing, otherwise your ass will be kicked!). Saudis are so obsessed with Ba’lot, that some of them carry game cards in their wallets waiting for the best opportunity to play. Players take this game so seriously, do not be surprised if friends become enemies, married couples get divorced, and people bet their houses and cars for the sake of Ba’lot.