# 35 Photography

Collecting stamps is so 1990, therefore, Saudis discovered the love of photography and claim that is a hobby. Statistically, in every family you will find a person who carries a camera every where he/she goes, and this person is known as the professional  photographer of the family; no one can take pictures BUT him/her.
I don’t know how this photography boom started, but everywhere I go, I feel that I am standing in a photo shoot studio, people walking around with cameras hanging on their necks or taking photos of everything they see as a complex artistic shot.. for instance they will take a  picture of  the sun touching the sea during sunset creating a magical glowing look on the surface of the water while two birds are posing in front of the picture as if they are swimsuit models.
I remember when taking pictures was so simple and the whole process took couple of minutes. Nowadays, taking pictures will take hours if not days. First of all, if you are taking pictures of friends (hommies); every one has to be satisfied with the way they posed and looked.. must be GQ magazine worthy or you are going to keep deleting and taking pictures over and over again. Second, the person who is taking pictures must “Photoshop” and edit as if the picture will end up on a magazine cover… just take the damn picture for gods sake!