# 9 Talking on the phone for hours

samsung-sgh-p180People who think that women are the only one who talk for hours and hours on the phone are mistaken. In Saudi, men and women compete when it comes to talking on the phone, it’s like  telecommunication companies will hand prizes to those consume the most minutes. From friends to family to lovers, nowadays Saudis are all wired.
For those people who talk too much on the phone, of course one cell phone is not enough. The average Saudi has at least three cell phones plus the telephone at home. Don’t be surprised if you saw a Saudi talking on the phone, text messaging with the other, and checking messages with the third phone. Family reunion became like telemarketer’s office; every one is on the phone and no one wants to speak with each other in person, or maybe they are but through their cell phones even if they are located in the same house!
With Bluetooth head set, Saudis will be on the phone 24/7, and it will not help if  a man wears Bluetooth head seat with his traditional head cover (Shumagg), hiding his ear pieace under it, people will think that he is talking to them. I can see it happen!