# 59 International Schools for their Children

schoolAboody(عبودي)! come “ya baba” and finish your food. If you ever heard parents talk this way, most definitely their kids go to one of those International Schools. See, International Schools here in Saudi Arabia defines the socioeconomic status and separate the elite from the rest …  and as Saudi, who doesn’t want to be from the elite? I will sell my car, house, and my soul in order to sign up my children to one of those International Schools, since those schools are well known with their skyrocketing admission fees.
I just want to talk to my kids in public in English and mixing it up with some Arabic so I can look cool, thats all, yes indeed.
So, really what do International Schools offer different from any normal school here in Saudi Arabia? Its not like your kids will be the next Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein if they go to those schools, if Aboody is dumb then … tough luck,you got to live with it. But I believe that the facade that is associated with International Schools made it so appealing to Saudi families, and honestly I need to write another blog to explain in details what so special about those schools or you can ask any parent who takes their kids there, and please try not to offend them because usually they are bit sensitive.