# 2 Hookah/Shesha

hookahThis sophisticated device became a must in any Saudi household. With more than 50 tobacco flavors to choose from it is the Kool-Aid of smoking devices. Usually people in Saudi like to smoke hookah with tea, coffee, or soft drink as a perfect combination to set the right mood (Mazaj). It is funny how Saudis who smoke hookah always try to convince themselves that hookah is way less harmful than smoking cigarettes, supposedly the water that you add to the hookah will filter all the hazard substances that comes from the tobacco, it is just the magic of H2O.
Hookah’s popularity relays on different perspectives. The way it looks with all those sexy curves that make it appealing to guys, forcing them to spend some quality time with their hookahs. Blowing smoke from hookah or cigarettes been always a COOL image that it is associated with the smokers, especially blowing smoke from a hookah makes you feel like an Arabian prince in the desert chilling in his tent with fine belly dancers all over the place. Finally, hookah been always an object that it is associated with the middle east which make it unique in different part of the world, the same concept as all American cowboy cigarettes.