# 5 Wearing Huge Shades

huge_sunglassesWearing HUGE sunglasses has became a fashion statement among Saudis. Boys and girls are now rocking the huge Prada, Gucci, and Armani sunglasses;  from fat to skinny, tall or short, young or old. If it looks good on you,  go ahead and wear it…but I don’t need to see a group of people who look like a bunch of  flies walking all over the place.
One friend tried on some huge shades and asked me if it looks good on him… I told him all you need is two wings behind your back to complete the outfit.
When it comes to the gender who has two X chromosomes, isn’t it enough that almost 99.9% of Saudi women look EXACTLY the same when they go out wearing the black Abaya?   Now they make us even more confused if we go to a public place and see those women wearing huge shades that cover half of their face?   For instance, a kid is trying to find his mom in a grocery store and see 20 women with huge shades and black Abayas in front of him?  I guess it means using the process of elimination?
Since when is wearing shades inside malls or coffee shops the “cool” thing to do?  I guess the sun never sets on a bad boy?   Just wondering…