# 34 Soccer

Soccer is the only sport in Saudi that people will play, watch, and enjoy. For some Saudis; soccer is not just a game, it’s a way of life. If you drive around the neighborhoods in Saudi, you will witness a bunch of kids kicking soccer balls back and forth all day long. Any empty space in Saudi will be converted to a soccer field, and if there are no empty spaces, kids will start playing soccer on the streets, but they will be stopping and resuming every minute a car passes by… so it will be like playing soccer with a little bit of musical chairs feeling to it . If you wounder what they can use as goals?  Put a pair of shoes in the beginning of the street and another in the end and -viola!  You have a 24 feet FIFA approved goals.
When it comes to supporting teams from the Saudi professional league, there are many hardcore fans who are obsessed with their home town team.  Usually they brainwash their kids to support the same team they are supporting… talk about freedom of choice!  These hardcore fans are really fun when watching a soccer game on TV, they will be standing the entire 90 minutes either shouting and yelling at the TV or singing and dancing if their team is winning. The worst thing that can happen to a hard core fan in his “life” is if his team lost; eyes start tearing, both hands on his head, and suffer from difficulty in speaking… poor guy!
For Saudis, the definition of rush hour is the moment when the Saudi national team wins an important game, then you will witness a normal traffic jam in a big city times ten. If you are stuck in traffic among the celebrations, I suggest to you to turn off your engine and camp inside your car, because the celebration will not end until the next day!