# 36 Fashion

commiunity---2  Yes, many societies care about fashion and wonder what will be the next trend for this year, but Saudis take fashion to a whole new different level. Now you may ask.. but 99.9% of Saudi women are covered with Abbya when they go out, and in the other hand, men are always wearing Thoub, so where is the fashion? Will that’s not completely true. Nowadays, the major demographic in Saudi prefer to wear brand names apparel and pair of jeans that cost more than the salary of all workers who made it combine.. Isn’t funny that now jeans that looks like a constriction worker been wearing it for years and ruin the hell out of it cost more than a pair that looks brand new. (just a thought)
Since when showing your ass crack became a fashion statement, you guys know exactly what I am talking about.. Go to any shopping mall in Saudi and you will think that you are in butt crack valley. Ok I get it when American kids wear their pants that way… it kinda look hip, but Saudis guys have to know that we are Arabs; that means we are a bunch of hairy folks.
When it comes to women it is totally a different story, women will spend all their money or I should say all their parents money in order to get the latest and the greatest trend out there. Due to the country’s policy that women should cover their body with Abbays when they go out, women get to show what they are wearing in private all-women parties, events, or among family members.. Trust me it is brutal when this happen. It is all about competition among women …who is wearing the most glamorous stylish shiniest “reduclouisest” dress in the room. If there is a dress that says look at me I am so amazing that comes with two midgets holding a neo-light signs that says “Pay your attention here” Saudi women will get it.
Lastly, to men who is going through a mid age crisis.. Please don’t try to wear or copy your son’s style, because all you are doing is making people laugh at your stupid ass. I don’t want to see old men wearing tight shirts with their belly and man boobs dangling everywhere they go..Please.