# 29 Adel Imam

Adel_ImamThere is only one Adel Imam in this world and there will be no other in the future.  I don’t care what you say, but there are no actors/comedians currently who make people laugh like Imam.  This comedy legend is beloved by all people in the Middle East and considered the funniest man in the Arab world.   I can talk about Adel Imam for days, but this post is devoted to Saudis who like Mr. Imam.   Any movie or play that Adel Imam statrs in is an automatic trigger in a Saudi’s brain that it will be damn funny… people will start laughing before Imam does or say anything; this how funny he is. Saudis memorize every Adel Imam play and watch them a million times, making sure they did not miss any scene.  Adel Imam has influenced Saudi humor in a way that you can witness it when you’re  joking with Saudis; 99% of the time,  someone will react or mention one of Adel Imam’s punch lines in a lame Egyptian accent.
One of the main things for a Saudi family to do when they are visiting Egypt is to attend one of Adel Imam’s plays, otherwise they will feel like they didn’t go to Egypt.