# 33 Stuff Not From Saudi

When Saudis travel they usually carry a reasonable amount of luggage with them; but some how when they come back from their long lovely vacation, their luggage magically doubles in number… if you wonder why is that?  Well, Saudis find stuff that are sold overseas very appealing, even if you can find the exact same stuff in Saudi.  For instance, Saudis will always argue that chocolates like Kitkat, Cadbury, Toblerone, etc. taste much better if you got it from Great Britain than just buying it from a local shop in Saudi.  In addition, telling your friends that you bought your laptop from the U.S., makes your laptop extraordinary comparing to laptops sold in Saudi… I am sure you guys got the idea!

Ironically, some people who strive for uniqueness may think that certain things such as name brand clothes or electronics can only be found outside of the country, not knowing that everyone else in town owns the same thing… the only difference is that they bought it from one of the few local shopping malls.  What I suggest for travelers is not to worry about how they can squeeze every non sense item in their bags, instead they can spend their money in site seeing and enjoy their trip.

# 20 Stylish Thobe/Abaya

thobe_abyaSaudis no longer live like Chess board pieces where men wear white and women wear black.  Saudi Thobes and Abayas have been upgraded to new  and stylish trends, with different colors and fancy graphics… call them the Versace of Saudi clothes.  Nowadays, stylish Thobes and Abayas are considered the normal outfit for everyday wear; as a matter of fact, people who still wear the old traditional Thobe and Abaya will be looked at as if they come from the past through a time machine.
It is well known that part of a Saudi woman’s addictions are top designer brands.  You see them styling Louis Vuitton or Chanel Abayas.  Now if you ask me, ” Do Louis Vuitton make Abayas as part of their clothing line?”.   I am not sure, but everything is possible in Saudi.  Other Saudis like to wear their Abayas with a lot of glitter, as if they fell inside a disco ball.
Saudi men compete with women when it comes to how stylish their traditional clothes are.  From fancy graphics or embroidary to Thobes that make you ask, “Is it a man’s dress?”.  In the end of the day, Thobes will be Thobes and Abayas will be Abayas no matter what.

# 6 Armani Exchange

alxOr I should call it “Saudi Exchange”?   Every 1 out of 3 young Saudis own at least several items from Armani Exchange.  Clothing store owners realized the popularity of the brand; therefore they started selling fake Armani crap… buy a plain white T-shirt & stick  an Armani exchange logo on it and watch the money pile up.
If you are trying to figure out if that guy is wearing an Armani shirt; trust me…you will know!  He will make sure that the brand logo is up on your face.  Saudis who buy Armani shirts will make sure that the logo is the size of an ad in a highway billboard.  From hats, shirts, belts, and jeans, the A|X logo is every where you go… especially in places where young hip Saudis like to hang out.
The funny thing to me is that Saudis who like to be unique and wear things that no one has, are realizing the Armani Exchange epidemic…they too can’t resist the power of A|X, so they will wear any other brand.  But I am sure if you look at his underwear it will say loudly and proudly Armani Exchange.