# 24 Game Shows

The only time you will see all members of a Saudi family gathered beside lunch/dinner time is when a game show is on.  Automatically each member knows exactly where to sit in the living room, as if they have assigned seats.  If the game show is about trivia questions…yelling and shouting answers directly at the TV is what Saudis do best.  Well, first of all no matter how loud you can shout the answers, the participants on the game show will never hear you!  Second, there are no prizes for viewers if they got the correct answer.

Network owners realized the love that Saudis have for game shows, therefore, most of the Arabic networks flood their channels with these type of programs. Ironically, some shows that have viewers calling and participating charge a lot of money for every minute you are on the phone with them.  So make sure you save all the money that you might win on the show, because you will need every Riyal when you get your phone bill.
Nowadays, Saudis are not stuck with music channels every time they want to watch TV, thank God they have options… now they can pick either watching music clips or game shows.