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2013_chevrolet_tahoe_4dr-suv_ltz_fq_oem_1_1280Since inception, Saudis fell in love with full size SUVs, they are the vehicle for any household in Saudi Arabia.  If you ask any Saudi, why buy those bulky-big cars? The answer usually will be: it is the prefect family car. For some Saudis, the average number of their family members are usually between 5 to 10 people (this include of course the housemaid/nanny), therefore, squeezing all those people into their beloved SUV is a no brainer. In fact, not only carrying that much people what make those SUVs so appealing … See, Saudis when they travel or go camping in the desert, they pack their whole house along with them … to make sure they didn’t forget anything. You will see in the back of their car stuff like BBQ grill, pressure cooker, microwave, a large bag of basmati rice … so big you can feed a village, and also you might see a living room sofa along with 55”inch Samsung LED TV.

In conclusion, full size SUVs is not just a vehicle for Saudis … its their second home, main source of transportation, and also its their kids play ground. Next time you see a Chevy Tahoe on the streets, don’t think it is a school field trip, it is just a Saudi family going to the supermarket.


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In different parts of the world, people wait until they retire and save enough money or go through a mid-life crisis so they can get a fancy car.   However in Saudi, it’s a different story.  Saudis love their fancy rides and often strive to own one of those limited edition one of a kind cars… I am talking about those cars that if you look at their price tag you think its a freaking phone number.  What’s funny is that not only old people own those fancy cars in Saudi… don’t be surprised if you are stopped at a traffic light and the person who is driving the Lamborghini next to you  is a kid who has barely passed puberty with a little hair on his face which he likes to call a mustache.  In fact, most people who drive fancy luxurious cars in Saudi are the young (spoiled/brats) citizens of Saudi.

It’s nice to own a Ferrari and see people turning their heads staring at your fancy ride when you are driving by.   But what if  you heard that there is another person who owns the exact same Ferrari as you… then it will be your worst nightmare, right?

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shopping_1 Can’t call them shopaholics, but Saudis simply love to shop or have to shop with not even knowing it. Well, since there is a shopping mall between two malls in every corner of  Saudi, you can’t blame people from buying things they don’t need. As a part of boosting the economic plan, the Saudi government builds a mall for every citizen in the country. Ironically, every mall has almost the exact same stores, therefore, Saudis don’t have to drive far to find a certain store, they just can go to the closest mall and find whatever they need. A normal scene in a shopping mall is that, every single member of a Saudi family will be carrying at least ten shopping bags, it  seems as though they had just robbed a bunch of stores.. From electronics to clothes, people will buy anything that has a price tag on it. Another “must have” for Saudis, are cars…yes cars are a must in any household for transportation, but for Saudis cars are luxurious items. Usually, Saudis own more than one car. A car for the man of the house, another for the “Madam” that comes with a driver as a part of the package, and finally of course who can forget the kids, one for each boy.

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lisence_plate2 Saudis like to follow one of the most poplure expressions which is, ” Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but by his license plate”. Apprently, socitey will categorize you based on the metal plate that is hanging from your car. People will set up auctions to sell those license plates, and if you hear the amount of money that Saudis are paying, you think they are buying a brand new car with the license plate!   Saudis will spend every penny that they got just to come up with the lamset phrases on their license plates.  The more those phrases has sexual meaning, the more streets credit the owners will get. For example, license plates that has SEX, LUV, or ASS can raise the standard bar of your car, even if you are driving an old 1980 Toyota Corolla. The love of being unique make Saudis strive to get customized license plate, therefore, don’t be surprised if you saw Saudis hanging their license plate on their chest like a chain and walking around with it.   By the end of the year of 2010, any phrase on a license plate that you can think about eventually you will see it on Saudi streets.

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Some Saudis call car drifting a sport, but sports are athletic activities requiring skill or physical ability and are often of a competitive nature. To an outsider watching Saudis drift, they basically explain it as “Saudis gone wild”, and has nothing to do with the sport definition. Usually Saudis develop their drifting “skills” during their free time.   Instead of using their free time in a productive way, kids like to hit the streets and try to figure out how to find the best way to wreck their brand new cars. Give a Saudi kid a Toyota Camry and watch him write his name on the street with the vehicle’s tires. Engineers and automobile designers would be amazed to see the vehicles that they built can actually do all those crazy maneuvers!

Why pay money to watch a show, if you can go out into Saudi’s streets and watch kids perform some acrobatic moves with their cars with no seat belts on… just call it the Saudi circus!   It is the feeling of the adrenaline rush and the desire of social acceptance from their peers that make Saudi kids want to keep on drifting!

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FILES-SAUDI-WOMEN-RIGHTS Chilling in cafes is one of Saudis specialties,  and what I mean with chilling is staying forever in those hot places almost every day and night. With a country that has no bars and pubs, cafes are popular destinations for Saudis who like to hang out with friends. Saudis talk about every single topic that you can think about in those cafes from sports to politics, to sex and cars, etc.

Cafes in Saudi lays under different categorizes. You have the up scale high class want to be, which you will find people who act sophisticated drinking their cappuccino and reading their daily news paper and mostly claiming that they know everything that it is going on in the stock market. Other cafe category will be, the ghetto type cafe, which you will find one cooling fan standing in the corner of the cafe trying to cool every one. In addition those ghetto cafes usually serve local tea and coffee brands, but you don’t want to know how long the tea or coffee been in the pot, maybe days or weeks, just drink and enjoy. Last category will be the hip cafes that young generation likes to attend. From watching soccer games to bragging who has the most girls’ numbers on their phone, this cafes are the most popular among Saudis.

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