# 6 Armani Exchange

alxOr I should call it “Saudi Exchange”?   Every 1 out of 3 young Saudis own at least several items from Armani Exchange.  Clothing store owners realized the popularity of the brand; therefore they started selling fake Armani crap… buy a plain white T-shirt & stick  an Armani exchange logo on it and watch the money pile up.
If you are trying to figure out if that guy is wearing an Armani shirt; trust me…you will know!  He will make sure that the brand logo is up on your face.  Saudis who buy Armani shirts will make sure that the logo is the size of an ad in a highway billboard.  From hats, shirts, belts, and jeans, the A|X logo is every where you go… especially in places where young hip Saudis like to hang out.
The funny thing to me is that Saudis who like to be unique and wear things that no one has, are realizing the Armani Exchange epidemic…they too can’t resist the power of A|X, so they will wear any other brand.  But I am sure if you look at his underwear it will say loudly and proudly Armani Exchange.