# 62 Being a Manager

Back in the days, people used to ask kids, what do they want to be when they grow up? And the answer usually either a doctor or an engineer. Fast-forward to adulthood and let those young Saudis grow up, suddenly a light bulb pops in their heads and decide to be a manager … yes just a manager. Ok if you ask, manager in what field or what occupational industry? don’t know … as long as the title of the position has the word manager in it. When you try to analyze the situation … you will discover that it boils down to status and social acceptance. See … ecologically, Saudis live by the status and die for the status, and it is not strange that being a manager for whatever place; even if you hold this position in a bright fluorescent light barber shop; playing cheesy Turkish TV show in the background, located in a ghetto area  … you can still run around and introduce yourself as a manager.


According to a study done by the University of Sexford , becoming a manager boosts your sex drive to the max. In addition, it has an aphrodisiac effect on your significant other when they hear that you became a manager. If you don’t believe me … become one
and test it yourself.

# 61 Ray-Ban Shades

ray banNot all Saudis are air force pilots, but walk around and all you will see are bunch of guys and gals rocking the classical Ray-Ban aviators shades; as if we are shooting the sequel of Tom Cruise famous movie “Top Gun”. Ray-Ban aviators are the most optimal sun-glasses that you can wear here in Saudi, since it goes with any look … especially if you are wearing the traditional Saudi outfit with your head cover (شماغ و عقال), it perpetuate the 80s look, and this look is now “in” among the youngster. But other Ray-Ban models is also popular, so if you want to shoot a Ray-Ban commercial … come to Saudi Arabia and just turn on your camera.

# 60 Lexus

Lexus-Logo-High-Resolution-WallpaperLet a Saudi pick his favorite luxury vehicle between BMW, Mercedes Benz, or Audi … He will choose loudly and proudly Lexus with no doubt. The reason is practicality combined with lavishness. In other true words, Lexus is cheap comparing to the big players in that category but it looks fancy, period… same concept as if you bought a Rolex watch from the streets of Time Square in New York city sold by one of those African immigrants. I don’t blame people who were brained washed, actually I do … But Lexus dealers and salesmen in Saudi Arabia market their vehicle to convey the image of luxuriousness to their customers, or maybe the dealer and the salesman are also brained washed, who knows?

The way I see it, it goes like this … Lexus is basically a Toyota that was operated by a good plastic/cosmetic surgeon, and since men are easily fooled by the outcomes of those doctors and it takes no effort to be attracted to their product … Therefore, its a no brainer that Lexus is the love of Saudis for a long time and it will still remain as the most beloved vehicle.

schoolAboody(عبودي)! come “ya baba” and finish your food. If you ever heard parents talk this way, most definitely their kids go to one of those International Schools. See, International Schools here in Saudi Arabia defines the socioeconomic status and separate the elite from the rest …  and as Saudi, who doesn’t want to be from the elite? I will sell my car, house, and my soul in order to sign up my children to one of those International Schools, since those schools are well known with their skyrocketing admission fees.

I just want to talk to my kids in public in English and mixing it up with some Arabic so I can look cool, thats all, yes indeed.

So, really what do International Schools offer different from any normal school here in Saudi Arabia? Its not like your kids will be the next Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein if they go to those schools, if Aboody is dumb then … tough luck,you got to live with it. But I believe that the facade that is associated with International Schools made it so appealing to Saudi families, and honestly I need to write another blog to explain in details what so special about those schools or you can ask any parent who takes their kids there, and please try not to offend them because usually they are bit sensitive.


# 58 Rabeh Sager

رابح-صقر1If we can call anyone in Saudi Arabia a rockstar, it will be this guy – Rabeh Sager also know as “Abu Sager”, he is the Elvis of our time. The way Rabeh fire up his crowd in concerts, you will think that those audience are under the influence of an extreme type of ecstasy pills; people just keep jumping around and dancing all night long … all night. Rabeh Sager’s demographic fan base falls under the categories of teens to mid 30s, so pretty young, so the formula is clear: trapped energy in young bodies, plus free time, equals a concert that will take on any rave party in ibiza.

Rabeh Sager is a master of his craft, especially if he is performing in a traditional platform lay out, those platforms are called “Jalsat”. Jalsat, where the performer usually sits on the floor in an arabian living room look alike; where are no couches nor sofas, just back support cushions. And “instrumentalists” are next to the performer, doing what they do best.

# 57 Full Size SUVs

2013_chevrolet_tahoe_4dr-suv_ltz_fq_oem_1_1280Since inception, Saudis fell in love with full size SUVs, they are the vehicle for any household in Saudi Arabia.  If you ask any Saudi, why buy those bulky-big cars? The answer usually will be: it is the prefect family car. For some Saudis, the average number of their family members are usually between 5 to 10 people (this include of course the housemaid/nanny), therefore, squeezing all those people into their beloved SUV is a no brainer. In fact, not only carrying that much people what make those SUVs so appealing … See, Saudis when they travel or go camping in the desert, they pack their whole house along with them … to make sure they didn’t forget anything. You will see in the back of their car stuff like BBQ grill, pressure cooker, microwave, a large bag of basmati rice … so big you can feed a village, and also you might see a living room sofa along with 55”inch Samsung LED TV.

In conclusion, full size SUVs is not just a vehicle for Saudis … its their second home, main source of transportation, and also its their kids play ground. Next time you see a Chevy Tahoe on the streets, don’t think it is a school field trip, it is just a Saudi family going to the supermarket.

Mut-hat-phi-Nutella-Hazelnut-Spread-HH051401044-4008400401621-1-600x600If you put it on a piece  of toast, a cake, or on a piece of cardboard … Saudis will still eat it. Yes, Nutella is that good! there is no place in Saudi serving desserts doesn’t have Nutella chocolate on its menu, it is the go-to item if people don’t know what to order … it is your safest bet.

Nutella spread has been around here in Saudi for a long time, and every year they come up with a new package that is bigger in size than the previous year. I remember when I was a kid my mom used to buy us those small size Nutella that comes with a white plastic spoon, in two bites you finish the whole pack, then you start licking every little last chocolate from that pack like its your last meal on earth. Nowadays, you walk to any supermarket, and you will see that Nutella has packs the size of cargo containers.

If Saudi Arabia was the story of Hansel and Gretel and their gingerbread house, it will be a house made of Nutella chocolate, and it will not be Hansel and Gretel it will be Hamed and Ghada. This has nothing to do with the blog, but I just thought it will be a good kids movie plot.


Let us start a business! This sentence you will hear a lot when Saudis some how get excited when they talk about money and want to become rich in no time. Nowadays, you browse the internet or go to any book store (basically Jarir book store the one and only) and all you see is stuff on how to be come rich and successful, in addition to success stories of millionaires; how they started from nothing and now they have a fortune. This kind of B.S what makes young fellows motivated. And I say young, since majority of the time the idea of starting a business comes from them and usually they are single not married, because once you get married those ideas and plans of having your own business will be something you day dream about.

See, when it comes to business, your passion and mastery into what you do is what gives you the competitive edge to succeed. Not the fantasy stories that you hear about a poor man started selling indian spices on the street of Saudi and somehow he became a multimillionaire. Selling hot beverages; tea on the street or starting a laundry service is not the answer to where you want to reach if it’s not supported by the basic business 101 fundamentals.

sticky-date-cake-with-caramel-sauce-3012-1When it comes to creativity and originality I give it to Saudi women, I mean you will witness homemade stuff from different dimension of this universe.  From colorful apparels to all kind of desserts to I don’t know what type of food, they do it all. The bottom line is, manufacturing goods is what Saudi women do best

See typically in companies you will have the CEO,Chief Financial Officer, Supply and Chain manger, Marketing and Public Relation Group, and of course operations … but for Saudi women who start their own business of making homemade stuff, they become all those departments combined in one body. And as you know for any business to work you need to know the cost of production and revenue that you are generating … but in our case is different … you don’t need to know all that, as long as the money keeps coming from our beloved husbands.

So how all this started? once upon a time a creative woman baked a cake from a Betty Crocker mix cake box, and shared it with her beloved friends. All her friends said at once … umm yummy cake, you should start selling this cake to all. Then the rest is history.


p01ffyz3After the era of Turkish soap operas mania in Saudi Arabia, the time has come to actually visit those places that Saudis has been dreaming about while watching their favorite cheesy Turkish series. And what a better place to visit a country with an European ambiance with a lebanese flavor … all of that and it is a muslim country believe or not! Wow Saudis feel like they just hit the jackpot.

When you land in Turkey you might think that you are in one of Saudis’ metropolis cities, all you will see is bunch of Saudis walking around looking for something … the only difference is that they are just wearing jackets and winter coats. For Saudis who would like to run away from their own peeps (you know who you are), they usually head to one of those Turkish villages … with breath-taking mountains where everything is green and clean. So you go there to relax and enjoy your self … what a Turkish delight (no pun intended).

Is Turkey going to be just a trend like Malaysia, or a staple destination  for Saudis like  London and Paris? teşekkür ederim