# 89 Fashionistas

Yes fashion have been around for decades, and fashion designers were living with us since humans discovered clothes. But the past few years there are specific group of people that started yapping about fashion in the social media which we can’t ignore, they consider themselves the gods of fashion and anyone who disagrees with them will be doomed and may not return back to their home safe, they are more dangerous than the Mafia  (so you gotta be careful when you talk about our beloved fashionistas).
Basically fashionistas advocates that normal middle-class people has no idea what to wear or how to match your purse with your shoes, so you need to listen to what our fashion gods tell you what to wear; and the more bizarre the outfit the better. The problem that I have with fashionistas is, when they try to market certain designer brands that cost a fortune and they tell you that this is the way to go…which does not make sense. You can buy your clothes from any Panada supermarket in your neighborhood and look like a million bucks, or from a high end designer store and look like a clown.