# 85 Twitter

This blog is kind of four years late, but as the cliché goes; better late than never. Yes I referred to Twitter and the social media movement in my previous blogs (check my # 39 social media blog), but Twitter deserves a blog by itself. See, Saudis favorite social media platform is Twitter with no doubt, the reason rely on the way Twitter shows your profile on the top of the page followed by your tweets. By doing so, it gives creditability to the person owning that Twitter account, and it conveys an image to the world that you are someone important and people need to read whatever you tweet; which is what Saudis are striving for since inception. There is another reason why Saudis like Twitter… and they mainly see in it a preferred way of communication, but the reason is kind of political and thats why I will not be mentioning it here because I am writing this blog in WordPress not Twitter.