# 78 Giving Advices

how-to-give-advice-in-englishIf Saudis are expert in anything it will be on everything. Saudis love to give advices to each other on different topics and subjects, either on how to manage your personal finance to how to boost your sex drive… and they will be no smooth transition from topic to another when giving an advice, the advice will all come together at once; from money to sex all in one sentence.
So you may wonder, if all Saudis like to give advices, who is listening? No one. Because its not about the person who is receiving the advice, its about my image inside my head, it will make me look more intelligent if I keep giving advice to everyone. The phrase “I don’t know” is not in any Saudi’s dictionary, so don’t worry…you will always get an answer or an advice on a topic that you don’t know about.
Usually the source of those advices comes from social media that people share among each other, so you may hear something that you already know, but please don’t tell the person who is giving the advice that you already knew about what he or she is saying, that will open a pandora’s box, and that’s just an advice!