# 58 Rabeh Sager

رابح-صقر1If we can call anyone in Saudi Arabia a rockstar, it will be this guy – Rabeh Sager also know as “Abu Sager”, he is the Elvis of our time. The way Rabeh fire up his crowd in concerts, you will think that those audience are under the influence of an extreme type of ecstasy pills; people just keep jumping around and dancing all night long … all night. Rabeh Sager’s demographic fan base falls under the categories of teens to mid 30s, so pretty young, so the formula is clear: trapped energy in young bodies, plus free time, equals a concert that will take on any rave party in ibiza.
Rabeh Sager is a master of his craft, especially if he is performing in a traditional platform lay out, those platforms are called “Jalsat”. Jalsat, where the performer usually sits on the floor in an arabian living room look alike; where are no couches nor sofas, just back support cushions. And “instrumentalists” are next to the performer, doing what they do best.