# 44 Volunteer Work

volunteerNo one can deny that volunteer work is a noble act, coming from people who would like to spread love and joy to the whole world. But for some Saudis it is not all about making the world a better place, its more about: hey look at me I am a good person. Show me a group of volunteer workers without cameras and videotaping themselves, and I will drop this blog.
There are two type of groups when it comes to volunteering. First, the cool young hip people; usually they are mix genders boys and girls working together, let us call them: generation 4G. This group generation 4G, are highly energetic, highly excited personalities. For some of them, volunteer work is just something to do at their free time, for others it is an opportunity for networking, plus it is the “cool” thing to do nowadays.
The second group is the stereotypical picture of conservative Muslims. Let us call them: Saudi’s angels. And since they are angels their volunteer work has a bigger purpose than generation 4G, or at least that what they think! This group focus mainly on smiling and helping poor kids and orphans.
At the end, no matter what are the motives for those volunteer workers, they will make Mr.Ahmad Al Shugairi (أحمد الشقيري) proud.