# 41 Black Coffee

Black-Coffee-Helps-You-in-Weight-LossNothing makes you look tougher and a serious workaholic in the corporate world  than drinking black coffee straight with no sugar, no cream, no anything that takes out from its hardcore-ness. Yes, coffee is considered one of the top commodity globally, and people drink it all around the world. But for some Saudis its not just a drink, its more as a perception STATUS.
You will hear things like “Oh man, I need my cup of coffee otherwise I can’t function” or “This coffee is not strong enough for me, it needs to have a punch that feels like you been hit by a train” . Or you might witness a Saudi ordering a black coffee loudly and proudly  so all the shop can hear him (yes I am talking about Saudi men here…ladies like to enjoy their cappuccino mixed with mocha latte drizzled with cinnamon on the top  ;).
Nowadays, Saudis (or since they use pots we can call them pot heads… wait! that name is already been taken.) started to develop an underground coffee junkies movement (aka. we-want-to-be-authentic); … where they will review and critique black coffee all around the kingdom. Walk to anyone’s place and you think you are in Starbucks from all the fancy shmainzy coffee roasters, grinders, pots, etc. … welcome to the black coffee world.