# 4 Car Drifting

Some Saudis call car drifting a sport, but sports are athletic activities requiring skill or physical ability and are often of a competitive nature. To an outsider watching Saudis drift, they basically explain it as “Saudis gone wild”, and has nothing to do with the sport definition. Usually Saudis develop their drifting “skills” during their free time.   Instead of using their free time in a productive way, kids like to hit the streets and try to figure out how to find the best way to wreck their brand new cars. Give a Saudi kid a Toyota Camry and watch him write his name on the street with the vehicle’s tires. Engineers and automobile designers would be amazed to see the vehicles that they built can actually do all those crazy maneuvers!
Why pay money to watch a show, if you can go out into Saudi’s streets and watch kids perform some acrobatic moves with their cars with no seat belts on… just call it the Saudi circus!   It is the feeling of the adrenaline rush and the desire of social acceptance from their peers that make Saudi kids want to keep on drifting!

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