# 38 Goatee

a105t_goatee_title_Sorry ladies, but this post is dedicated to Saudi men. No worries though you can read, I will not put two doors one for singles and other for families that lead to the same place 😉
The average facial hair growth rate in a Saudi man is 15 cm per second, therefore, you have to keep up with it; other wise it will eat you alive. This is where men discovered the goatee, during the daily battle with their beards; until it became a Saudi-man trademark. They even gave it a nickname: the Key Lock (قفل). Since day one, Goatee is considered  a royalty feature , and most of Saudi royalty rock this look. And since Saudis associate status with looks, you know they have to get the Key Lock on their faces.
For men who lack hair on the side of their mouths to connect the Goatee with their mustaches , no worries. Now technology found a solution to this big problem, all you need to do is to go to your local barber shop and let him fix it. In barber shops, they have their magical spray paint. Yes spray paint. Afterwords, the Hollywood work begins and the results will make you look even better than ever.