# 37 Bumper Sticker

bumper stickerMost Saudis like to ride presidential style: car windows pitch-black, even if you turned on the light inside the car you will not be able to see anything from outside (got the picture? Good). Those tinted black windows can’t be left alone like this, they need some Saudi art to make it more appealing… here is the dilemma: I want privacy and attention at the same time…this is what some Saudis go through everyday.

Enough introduction for a post…let’s jump straight to the point! you can see bumper stickers on cars all over the world, but in Saudi it’s not only on the bumper of their vehicles’, you will see stickers on windows, rare window, front of the car, and all over the body. For new cars, you will see most of cars has the word “Masha’Allah” written in Arabic “ماشاءالله” on their cars, this word prevent you from jinxing your brand new car and protect you from the “Evil Eye”. Nothing is wrong with that ; and since Saudis believe that evil eye exists (Side note: Soon a post on Evil Eye)…They will post it on their windows. But going 200 Km/h in a highway with a kid in your lap and a coffee cup in your hand and texting in the other hand…And you don’t want to wreck your car, and if you did you blame it on “the evil eye”?? Come on.

The other most common bumper sticker among young Saudis you will witness is the blackberry PIN number; or in Saudi your Bin number…Here comes the creativity part. Since young Saudi “boys” can’t talk/meet with girls in public, they will play with portability. In other words, if I spend 20 hours driving around (which is common among Saudis) in places where girls hangout, and knowing that the ratio of girls are more than boys…there is a big chance A girl will get my PIN number and call me =)

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