# 23 Dubai

Dubai_-_United_Arabic_EmiratesIf you combine the top three major cities in the world together; New York, London, and Tokyo the result will be Dubai city.  With spectacular design of  buildings to one of a kind hotels, this out of the ordinary city put the Middle East on the map.  For Saudis, Dubai is a fantasy land where every thing is possible and dreams come to reality.  The fact that Dubai is close to Saudi is what makes it really tempting to visit, but Saudis start to think twice when they hear the cost of expenses.  Dubai is known for their skyrocketing  living standards and over priced expenses.  Therefore, Saudis will be asking themselves, what is wrong with Egypt as a vacation spot?
Some people consider Dubai overrated, but that’s what makes the city appealing to Saudis.  Back in the days, if some one ask you, “Where are you going to spend your summer vacation?”, and you said,” Dubai”, the response will be “oh OKAY” as if it’s not a big deal.  Nowadays tell any Saudi that you are going to Dubai, I bet all you will hear is “Wow nice,  take me with you!”.
Today Dubai can be added to the list of top cities that Saudis like to visit, next to London, Paris, and Orlando.

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