# 78 Giving Advices

If Saudis are expert in anything it will be on everything. Saudis love to give advices to each other on different topics and subjects, either on how to manage your personal finance to how to boost your sex drive… and they will be no smooth transition from topic to another when giving an advice, the … [Read more…]

# 51 Desserts

No meal will be completed without finishing it strong with a sugary, creamy, feeling big time guilty dessert. Speaking of sugar rush, if you observe Saudis eating desserts you might think they will be running all over the place from that energy that was generated by the amount of sugar in their bodies. However, what Saudis experience … [Read more…]

# 43 Sushi

Walk around Saudi Arabia’s metropolis cities and you will think that you are in Tokyo, from all the  sushi spots you can see. Sushi places invaded Saudi Arabia, after Saudis themselves said: ok… we have pizza places, burger joints, Indian cuisine…hmmm what’s left… yes SUSHI! and the rest is history ” I think”. For non Japanese, sushi it’s either … [Read more…]


My heart goes out to all those affected by the terrible flooding in our homeland.  Many thoughts and prayers go out to everyone.  It is the time for everyone to come together.