# 86 Thriller Movies

With the Netsex I mean Netflix movement that took Saudis by storm the past few years, watching movies became the most poplar spare time activity Saudis enjoy. With movie theaters and Netflix everywhere, now each Saudi became a sophisticated movie critic; forget about IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, just get your review from any Saudi who … [Read more…]

# 82 ZARA

ZARA aka the Saudi uniform, this clothing company is the love and joy for the majority of Saudis. When Saudis would like to upgrade their wardrobe, they head to one of ZARA’s stores that are located everywhere you go around the kingdom. ZARA’s style is basic and elegant, mainly you will see either black clothes … [Read more…]

# 78 Giving Advices

If Saudis are expert in anything it will be on everything. Saudis love to give advices to each other on different topics and subjects, either on how to manage your personal finance to how to boost your sex drive… and they will be no smooth transition from topic to another when giving an advice, the … [Read more…]