This Blog is devoted to stuff that Saudi people like.  My Blog will be focusing on stuff that Saudis like to do or practice in their lives. The “Stuff” are based on my personal experience as a Saudi myself.

This blog should be looked at it in a humorous matter, not meant to offend others and should be taken lightly.


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  1. First of all, awesome blog. But I’m interested on knowing what are basing all this on. Meaning are you a Saudi, foreigner or western?

  2. SIMPLY AWESOME ! im saudian and i cant write like what , but its like u tryed all of those to know XD
    the questions that goes on my head was about u ! , how old are you ? ( u can never be under 25 XD ) and how the hell do u know these stuff ?
    and what made u make this blog ?
    i would really love to know where u live in saudi ? because maybe these stuff arent the same in some places , but those are the genral stuff , im sure of that
    WE NEED MORE ! 🙂 …. please

  3. Great blog! I like your idea of listing things Saudis like – very David Letterman style. I’m sitting here reading your blog and I can’t help but laugh…It mentions those little things in life, we as Saudi residents notice, but forget to take note of to remember later on.
    I just started blogging recently about life in Saudi and Arab culture: http://www.echodepiction.wordpress.com

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