# 89 Fashionistas

Yes fashion have been around for decades, and fashion designers were living with us since humans discovered clothes. But the past few years there are specific group of people that started yapping about fashion in the social media which we can’t ignore, they consider themselves the gods of fashion and anyone who disagrees with them will be doomed and may not return back to their home safe, they are more dangerous than the Mafia  (so you gotta be careful when you talk about our beloved fashionistas).
Basically fashionistas advocates that normal middle-class people has no idea what to wear or how to match your purse with your shoes, so you need to listen to what our fashion gods tell you what to wear; and the more bizarre the outfit the better. The problem that I have with fashionistas is, when they try to market certain designer brands that cost a fortune and they tell you that this is the way to go…which does not make sense. You can buy your clothes from any Panada supermarket in your neighborhood and look like a million bucks, or from a high end designer store and look like a clown.

# 90 Sauces & Condiments

You will never see Saudis eating anything without showering their food with sauces and condiments. And Saudis will add sauces for savory and sweet dishes; you will see desserts drowning with chocolate sauce or a pasta swimming inside a pile of tomatoey cheesy sauce. I believe Saudis’ taste bus is so stale that they can not taste food without adding any condiments into it, so it doesn’t matter if you order chicken, steak, or fish as long as you will pour heavy garlic sauce on top of it.

If you want to eat like a Saudi below are some different type of foods with its match from condiments that you need to add (by add I mean smother it with);

  • Rice and chicken (Kabsa; traditional Saudi dish) goes with spicy tomatoey sauce
  • Pasta goes with creamy heavily cheesy sauce
  • Sushi goes with spicy Mayo sauce (mayo and Sriracha)
  • Steak goes with creamy peppery mushroom sauce
  • Shrimp goes with the same as sushi (spic mayo) check my blog on Dynamite shrimp  
  • Chicken Shawarma goes with garlic sauce
  • Falafel goes with Tahini sauce (a sesame based sauce)
  • Waffles, pancakes, and crêpes goes with either a Nutella® or Lotus® sauce or you can combine both together if you want to be a perfect Saudi eater

# 88 K-pop

If you were born before the year of 2000, sorry this blog is not for you and you can skip it, and I know our generation Z don’t read blogs but it is worth mentioning how the Korean culture brained washed our kids. No doubt the Korean influence is obvious in Saudi from cars to electronics, and of course to entertainment. Saudis realized that there are huge number of kids (a.k.a ARMY) who admire K-pop bands (i.e. BTS) when the Saudi General Entertainment Authority asked the people who do you want to bring to the kingdom and throw a concert for… and out of no where the authority’s servers were flooded with comments and replies saying; we want BTS, BTS, BTS, BTS. If you witnessed the BTS concert that took place couple of years ago in Riyadh, you will think that this concert were held in one of the Korean’s provinces, not only because of the number of people who attended, but also how the fans know every single Korean word in the Korean band’s lyrics. Even BTS themselves they were shocked by the Saudi youngsters admiration and love. No one knows how long this phenomena will last but it will not end soon, so I guess its not a “Fake Love” after all.

# 87 V60 Coffee

Its about time to talk about the long lasting trend that took Saudis by storm, yes I had a blog about # 41 Black Coffee but this blog will be dedicated specifically to V60 Coffee and all the rituals and shenanigans that comes with it. First you need to buy the tools and equipment to get started. Ok, get your pen and paper ready; the following are the equipment that you need, dripper funnel, kettle, grinder, scale, measuring spoon, boiler with thermostat, unicorn tears, dragon hair, birds milk, and of course you can’t forget angel fart . You get all this before even purchasing your coffee beans. Now for the coffee beans, mainly you gotta bring it from a tropical place where they harvest the perfect blend of coffee with child labor. Now you are ready to open your V60 cafe among thousands of V60 cafes in the kingdom, and serve almost if not the exact copy-paste menu as the rest, good luck.
I will not share with you how to make a V60 coffee step by step, because in order to do so, I need to write a whole 200-page book to show you how, put in mind… it will take you almost 72 hours to prepare your coffee, and we are just talking about a single cup.