# 84 Nespresso®

If you are not into coffee but you want to look like a coffee connoisseur, you must get one of those fancy Nespresso machines to set the stage. No need to know how the Nespresso machine works, just keep it there for decoration and to persuade certain image; eventually it will be used as a dust collector . And in case someone asked you to prepare them a coffee using your Nespresso, don’t worry, just tell them that you ran out of capsules. In addition, you don’t want to buy the Nespresso coffee (trust me) it taste like burned leather.
The Nespresso stores that you find them in shopping malls are different story. Their stores is like walking into high-end jewelry place, it reminds me of Patchi chocolates stores (check my blog on Patchi). Salesmen wearing black suites and white gloves, lights are dimmed, and low Jazz music playing in the background. If you are going to buy a Nespresso machine, make sure you have deep pockets, since you are not buying a regular coffee maker, you are purchasing the Rolex of coffee makers.

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