# 83 Fifi Abdou

Fifi Abdou is an Egyptian icon that started her career in the showbiz as a belly dancer; we can consider her as one of the founders of the modern belly dancing out there. Arabs all over the middle east used to travel to Egypt just to watch Fifi Abdou move her belly. Later in Fif’s career, she entered the TV scene and starred in so many TV shows and movies, by playing the same role in every movie and show she is in. Fif’s role in movies is always the typical traditional Egyptian lady who used to live in poor areas and some how she became filthy rich. But this blog is not about Fif’s biography per se, it is about why Saudis like Fifi Abdou. Saudis (mainly females) see in Fif’s character a strong confident woman with a witty humor which makes her very likable, and I believe also that some of Saudi females would love to be like her and have the same characteristics as Fifi Abdou.

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