# 82 ZARA

zaraZARA aka the Saudi uniform, this clothing company is the love and joy for the majority of Saudis. When Saudis would like to upgrade their wardrobe, they head to one of ZARA’s stores that are located everywhere you go around the kingdom. ZARA’s style is basic and elegant, mainly you will see either black clothes or white clothes; which is perfect for Saudis, as you know as a Saudi “playing it safe” is our motto in life. Another reason why I believe Saudis like to shop from ZARA is the same reason they like to ride Lexus (check my Lexus blog). ZARA is not Gucci nor its a high end designer brand, however if you can pull it off, ZARA can make you look like a million bucks; and thats why this thought is appealing to Saudis . See, the manikins on the window store can be very deceiving, which will get some of us, and make us think that we can look exactly like those manikins. Once anyone tries on a ZARA dress shirt, and you know those shirt are designed in a way to be a little be tight to fit, you will able to see bellybuttons from the gap that was created by your belly and the tight shirt; you get the picture. And yes don’t forget sometimes you will be witnessing man-boobs hanging trying to breath.