# 81 Food Trucks

food truckFew years ago, if you drive around Saudi Arabia you will notice the amount of food trucks parked all over the place. Food trucks became a trend in Saudi when the middle upper class kids started the era of entrepreneur “wanna be”, since operating a food truck will cost a lot of money, it make sense that those young entrepreneur are the ones who can offered it, plus its trendy and cool to drive around and sell over priced burgers. Side note; 50% of food trucks in Saudi Arabia sell burgers and the other 50% sell crepes with Nutella (check my other blog on Nutella)… we like to keep it simple; savory or sweet, period.
The way I see it, food trucks here in Saudi is a bubble that will burst soon if it didn’t already. The reason is because our business model for food trucks are upside down…this statement make me sound like a business connoisseur, so I will keep it.

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