# 80 Spanish Latte

spanish latte In the summer of 1998, I visited Spain with my family and I observed most, if not all locals start their day with a drink of espresso in the morning; no where I can find anything that has to do with something called Spanish Latte! So I wondered from where did we come up with this drink here in Saudi Arabia? and why Spanish Latte is so popular among Saudis? Every café you go to, the most popular beverage is Spanish Latte. My curiosity made me order one Spanish Latter to give it a shot… when I received my coffee I realized that the barista gave me a large cold cup of full fat milk, so I asked … where is the coffee? The barista said and pointed out, can you see that drop of espresso inside?… swimming in the ocean of milk, that’s your coffee. So I drank my milk and paid 28 SAR and left the place. When you take a look around cafés in Saudi Arabia, the demographic will give you a hint that, yes it will make sense that milk will be the most consumed drink in those places. That’s why Spanish Latte is the go to beverage for our delicate “new baby boomers”.
I am not saying there is no market for Spanish Latte, but I believe it has nothing to do with Spain nor coffee.