# 79 MontBlanc® Pen

montblanc-meisterstuck-classique-ballpoint-pen-250x250If Saudis would like to show that they made it in this world, it will not be through fancy cars nor expensive watches… it will simply be a pen hanging in their Thoub’s pocket or in case of females it will be in their purse, but wait a minute; it will not be any pen… it will be the famous MontBlanc® pen with its white David star logo sticking out. For Saudis MontBlanc® pens are symbol of wealth, it shows you that this person can offered a 2000 Saudi Riyal pen to just sign bunch of paper or bank cheques not less than one million Riyals, normally this is what its used for ; to showcase your signature, not to write with it…the pen will reduce its value and your value if you write with it. Sometimes people will not realize that you are holding a MontBlanc® so the plan is, you need to make up some story to pull out the pen and show it to your target audience, like for instance, you bought the pen when it was on sale in Germany for a good deal, afterwards you can hold your MontBlanc® high and wave it around as if you are in one of Lionel Richie concerts.

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