# 77 Dynamite Shrimp

Dynamite-Shrimp-2-2The most ordered appetizer item in all Saudi Arabia’s restaurants… is none other than Dynamite Shrimp. As I mentioned in previous blogs, Saudis love to smother their food with so many sauces and dressing, and Dynamite Shrimp is the perfect example of  tanginess and sweetness mayo-based sauce that coats every piece of shrimp.
Businesses realized the love of Dynamite Shrimp by all Saudis, now if you walk into any place you will find in their menu Dynamite Shrimp as an appetizer option. Even traditional restaurants that offer typical Saudi food such as Kabsa, you will see Dynamite Shrimp in their menu. And please don’t eat the lettuce that comes with it, you are not a rabbit, its only for presentation.