# 62 Being a Manager

Back in the days, people used to ask kids, what do they want to be when they grow up? And the answer usually either a doctor or an engineer. Fast-forward to adulthood and let those young Saudis grow up, suddenly a light bulb pops in their heads and decide to be a manager … yes just a manager. Ok if you ask, manager in what field or what occupational industry? don’t know … as long as the title of the position has the word manager in it. When you try to analyze the situation … you will discover that it boils down to status and social acceptance. See … ecologically, Saudis live by the status and die for the status, and it is not strange that being a manager for whatever place; even if you hold this position in a bright fluorescent light barber shop; playing cheesy Turkish TV show in the background, located in a ghetto area  … you can still run around and introduce yourself as a manager.
According to a study done by the University of Sexford , becoming a manager boosts your sex drive to the max. In addition, it has an aphrodisiac effect on your significant other when they hear that you became a manager. If you don’t believe me … become one
and test it yourself.

# 61 Ray-Ban Shades

ray banNot all Saudis are air force pilots, but walk around and all you will see are bunch of guys and gals rocking the classical Ray-Ban aviators shades; as if we are shooting the sequel of Tom Cruise famous movie “Top Gun”. Ray-Ban aviators are the most optimal sun-glasses that you can wear here in Saudi, since it goes with any look … especially if you are wearing the traditional Saudi outfit with your head cover (شماغ و عقال), it perpetuate the 80s look, and this look is now “in” among the youngster. But other Ray-Ban models is also popular, so if you want to shoot a Ray-Ban commercial … come to Saudi Arabia and just turn on your camera.