# 60 Lexus

Lexus-Logo-High-Resolution-WallpaperLet a Saudi pick his favorite luxury vehicle between BMW, Mercedes Benz, or Audi … He will choose loudly and proudly Lexus with no doubt. The reason is practicality combined with lavishness. In other true words, Lexus is cheap comparing to the big players in that category but it looks fancy, period… same concept as if you bought a Rolex watch from the streets of Time Square in New York city sold by one of those African immigrants. I don’t blame people who were brained washed, actually I do … But Lexus dealers and salesmen in Saudi Arabia market their vehicle to convey the image of luxuriousness to their customers, or maybe the dealer and the salesman are also brained washed, who knows?
The way I see it, it goes like this … Lexus is basically a Toyota that was operated by a good plastic/cosmetic surgeon, and since men are easily fooled by the outcomes of those doctors and it takes no effort to be attracted to their product … Therefore, its a no brainer that Lexus is the love of Saudis for a long time and it will still remain as the most beloved vehicle.

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