# 47 Burgers

cheeseburgerIf Saudis learned anything from the impact of globalization, it will be the love for burgers. Hamburgers were introduced to the kingdom long time ago, but only the past few years burgers became so popular. It used to be McDonalds, Burger King, and Hardee’s that dominated Saudi’s bellies. But nowadays, a new era of burgers are in… we can call them the Rolls Royce of burgers (gourmet). With jacked-up prices for one of those gourmet/angus/high quality/organic burgers it is not a big deal for a country most of their population are young and hip with daddy’s money in their pockets.
Saudis took burgers world to the next level, now they became burgers entrepreneur and started to establish burger joints and coming up with their own secret sauces (usually it is mayo and ketchup base) to compete with the big boys: Shake Shack, Fuddruckers, Elevation burger, etc. A side note just to make it clear, I am talking about burgers made from beef, because chicken burgers are for little girls.