# 42 YouTube

youtubeFew years ago, there was a study conducted on most YouTube users by nations… and Saudi Arabia took the first place with honors. Now you might ask why, I can list all the reasons in the world but this will take me days and days to complete, so let us just focus on YouTube and Saudis special bond. For some Saudis, YouTube came as a blessing from the sky; it was the one thing they were waiting for all their lives. I can see some Saudis had tears of joy when YouTube walked into their homes.
From short films, to funny videos, to vlogs… to videos make you think out loud WTF!! Saudis covered all possible video categories you can ever think about. We realized that Saudi is a nation full of “talents”, yes indeed. An old man can video himself dancing with his underwear and his saggy balls hanging, and I can bet you this video will go viral in minutes as one of the most popular videos in Saudi Arabia; just to show you the magical effect of YouTube and what it can do. Another powerful effect Saudis believe in, is video taping people with authority figures (minsters, policemen, doctors, etc.) and trying to catch their flaws and share it with the world. Some take it to the next level, and try to provoke those authority figures and wait till he (mostly men) explode… then suddenly in a matter of seconds he will be YouTube number one star….number 1.

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