1. LOL they should count their blessings! I actually buy kitkat and the like from Saudi because the chocolate we have here is nothing compared to theirs. But about the electronics, maybe because the ones in Saudi are more expensive than ones in the US. I know the iPhone is relatively less expensive than it is in Riyadh and that’s why many buy it from the US.

  2. Ren

    I’ve lived my whole life here, my parents are 100% Saudi and I’ve never been outside the country. but after taking a stroll through your blog and couldn’t apply any item of your list on myself, I finally found the answer I was looking for: I’m an alien O_O LOL
    srsly who still watches turkish drama and think brand-name products are the fad? XD i think some parts of the country are a little different than the others, but people are crazy everywhere so… *shrugs*
    nice blog, like your style, what i don’t like is how most of it is true IRL 😐

  3. DW

    The Kitkat issue is a real deal though.

    I had experienced all Nestle attempts to cut costs in the Middle East.. they have produced it South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria.. UAE.. And people continued buying imported KitKat from Bahrain.. or special import stores like Al Tamimi.

    Why is that? cause to be honest.. they all tasted like ash.. not KitKat. Kitkat only became popular again after the brought back the foil wrapping and made the chocolate proper like the imported ones.

    I understand your point to pick at this point as humor, but I am just defending my arrogant choice of Kitkat delicacy =D

  4. Fatima

    i have to agree with DW , everyone knows that the kitkat we have here tastes different than the imported/foil wrapped one not sure about the other chocolates , but you got a point , people are *flaunting* addicts around here 😛 , nice blog , sadly lots of the points you mentioned are TRUE :l the turkish drama craze , etc 😀 you’re quite an observer :]

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