# 32 Crystal hot sauce

With it’s recognizable green cap and exotic red bottle,  Crystal hot sauce has a magical ability to make any type of food taste great.  Even if your food does not taste that good, just add some Crystal drops on your food and you will experience the best meal you have ever had.  Many Saudis like to carry Crystal hot sauce in their pockets, waiting for the right moment to use it.   Let’s say you are invited to your mother-in-law’s house for a lovely family dinner and you don’t like her food, you can’t be rude & not eat… right?  Here is when Crystal comes in handy… you will eat everything on the table and make your in-laws happy.
Go to any dinner party in Saudi and I am 100% positive that you will find Crystal bottles standing with pride on the dinning table or on the floor (for people who like to eat on the floor).  You can put Crystal on your Ka’bsa, scrambled eggs, sandwiches, fries, and potato chips… you name it!   Don’t be surprised if Saudis start drinking the hot sauce or serve it as a cocktail drink in restaurants.  I once saw bunch of Saudis drink Crystal straight from the bottle, so I think it can be considered as a beverage.

11 thoughts on “# 32 Crystal hot sauce

  1. Like Khaled I do not like Crystal… nor do I like rana the other weak hotsauce… it tastes like vinegar to me… the real deal is fresh raw green or red peppers, sometimes jalapenos. For artificial stuff, Tabasco haberno, or nando’s peri peri.

  2. Althought I agree it is SO popular in Saudi Arabia, I hate it! It is not hot at all! My husband mixes it with any kind of sandwitches & pizzas. I still don’t understand what’s so good about it. I’ve always been a Tabasco loyal fan.

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