# 31 Fancy Rides

In different parts of the world, people wait until they retire and save enough money or go through a mid-life crisis so they can get a fancy car.   However in Saudi, it’s a different story.  Saudis love their fancy rides and often strive to own one of those limited edition one of a kind cars… I am talking about those cars that if you look at their price tag you think its a freaking phone number.  What’s funny is that not only old people own those fancy cars in Saudi… don’t be surprised if you are stopped at a traffic light and the person who is driving the Lamborghini next to you  is a kid who has barely passed puberty with a little hair on his face which he likes to call a mustache.  In fact, most people who drive fancy luxurious cars in Saudi are the young (spoiled/brats) citizens of Saudi.
It’s nice to own a Ferrari and see people turning their heads staring at your fancy ride when you are driving by.   But what if  you heard that there is another person who owns the exact same Ferrari as you… then it will be your worst nightmare, right?

3 thoughts on “# 31 Fancy Rides

  1. LMAO!
    I haven’t noticed it, but my sister-in-law who recently moved from Saudi to America was surprised when she saw teenagers in less than regular cars and old people in their fancy cars… And they say being a teenager in America is hard…

  2. People outside of the KSA have a hard time believing me when I tell them about all the expensive cars in Saudi and the teens that drive them. If only I could show them Tahlia Street on the weekends and watch their jaws drop!

  3. I’m beginning to doubt my blood line, since I negate just about everything on your list. Keeping my fingers crossed for the rest 😀

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