1. Amercanized

    Saudies seem to have a problem when it comes to originality, you should do a post on how we love to rip off something that’s already popular.

  2. You know … just before reading this post, I was thinking about how companies could market eReaders (e.g. Amazon’s Kindle) in Saudi Arabia??

    We really suffer from a broken relationship with books and once this relationship starts to develop, we will be on the right track!


    • DW

      رجل المستحيل on eReaders, think about it.

      I think many do read books.. however there is a lack of literature, especially fantasy and Science Fiction from Arab writers. When I was in a private school, they stocked all kinds of books and I really enjoyed going there cause I loved reading mystery and Science Fiction.. come the public school.. Library was locked up and there was nothing there to entertain me.. they mostly stocked books that are encyclopedias, dictionaries or collection Islamic books.

      You will see a lot of young people, especially the video game generation demography being drawn into a trend of reading fan fiction, or writing their own.. electronic media might be a blessing if the publishers decide to use more endearing ways to provide their work. Hell, maybe they can adapt something like creativecommons.org

  3. manayer

    I kind of don’t agree with this. Most of the books I think Saudis like, or Saudi women like are the novels. Novels are just so popular to readers in KSA.

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