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Saudis feel obligated to read books so they can be considered as one of those intellectual societies.  It’s not that Saudis don’t like to read, if you walk down the street you will witness that the majority of men carry newspapers under their arm pits… as if it’s attached to their body.  On the other hand, Saudi women love their magazines; from gossip tabloids to how you wear your make up (or as I call it magic) so it looks natural, to the newest bullshit diet for this year that makes you lose ten pounds in two days … women just love their magazines.

With the domination of newspapers and magazines, books feel left out, lonely, and  hopeless in their book shelves.   But there are a bunch of world savers; aka “we can make a difference  Saudis”, who are campaigning to promote book reading.  The type of books that Saudis “enjoy” reading are books that have to deal with self-improvement and how to make you a better person.   It’s not like Saudis lack those aspects; but they like the fact that they can implement some things that they  learn from those books  and gain a sense of intelligence amongst their peers which make them feel good about themselves.   Next time you have a conversation or discussion with your friends, mention that you been reading one of those books that help you achieve your goals, and you will be looked at as if you are a professor from Harvard.

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Adel_ImamThere is only one Adel Imam in this world and there will be no other in the future.  I don’t care what you say, but there are no actors/comedians currently who make people laugh like Imam.  This comedy legend is beloved by all people in the Middle East and considered the funniest man in the Arab world.   I can talk about Adel Imam for days, but this post is devoted to Saudis who like Mr. Imam.   Any movie or play that Adel Imam statrs in is an automatic trigger in a Saudi’s brain that it will be damn funny… people will start laughing before Imam does or say anything; this how funny he is. Saudis memorize every Adel Imam play and watch them a million times, making sure they did not miss any scene.  Adel Imam has influenced Saudi humor in a way that you can witness it when you’re  joking with Saudis; 99% of the time,  someone will react or mention one of Adel Imam’s punch lines in a lame Egyptian accent.

One of the main things for a Saudi family to do when they are visiting Egypt is to attend one of Adel Imam’s plays, otherwise they will feel like they didn’t go to Egypt.

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playstation-3-game-consoleWho said video games are only for kids?  Many generations in Saudi love to play video games.  However,this post is not about Saudis who find their joy in playing video games.  I will not talk about video games in general, it’s specifically about the one and the only game console that has been dominating every house in Saudi for decades… allow me to introduce the Sony PlayStation.  The Sony PlayStation is the game console that every Saudi kid dreamed about and strived to get A’s in his classes in order for his parents to buy them one.

“BLAY” Station became a must in any Saudi household…it is one of those necessities that is a must have for a Saudi household… like TVs, dining table, sleeping beds, etc.   PlayStation became so popular that people started referring any video game console by calling it PlayStation.   Mention XBox to Saudis and they will think that you are talking about a new coffee shop in town.  Walk into any bachelor pad in Saudi, you will witness three entertainment aspects every one has in common; people playing cards (Bal’ot), hookah, and PlayStation.   Don’t be surprise if you see a bunch of Saudis reading Japanese.  They mastered the language by playing  the number one game on PlayStation for years, which is Winning Eleven (a Japanese soccer game).

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