1. Sarah Aziz

    hi everybody,,,
    I’m a saudian girl and I’m 29 years old and few monthes and my experience of who are we is absolutely wide. all the things that mentioned above are traditions which became a history. you might see a few people in saudi arabia stick to these tradition still, but they are all old fashion, however, they are simple, pure, honest and sincere, meaning, they have positive side which modern people lack. (by the way, in every society in anywhere in the world you will see these kind of people)
    in that discussion above I’ve seen detailed truthes , like buying Kit Kat from Britain, let me explain that fact , my people do so because the Kit Kat we have in saudi arabia is from West Africa and it taste a little different but I, myself, don’t notice that difference becase I don’t like chocolates, so i can’t claim there is any differences.
    there is something you got it wrong about us, mentioning play station and Xbox… a 7 years old kid knows the difference between the two. And let me tell you something about you people , something you don’t know about yourself, I always get the latest news about video games from your websites and I woud like to thank you for that.
    and know this , we don’t play games with Japanese version, instead we wait untill the english version is available.
    one last thing , who doesn’t like the shortest way for making money !!!

    thank you so much…

    best regards,


    oh … I almost forgot, how can I post funny rare photo about us? photos that show deep traditions that I want to share with you?

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